Sunday, May 23, 2010

*sniff sniff*

Allergy season yet's like my face hates me...

Anywhoo...I'm finally done for the semester (WAHHH-HOOO!!!!) so it's now time to start thinking about what fashion decisions I'm making for SUMMER 2010...

* Pucci
* Halston
* Haute Hippie
just to name a few...

ShopBop makes fashion-ising much easier. I'm kinda lazy about it; for someone that proclaims they're this much into fashion...EPIC FAIL.


Oh well...

According to the Bop...I'm somewhere between Downtown and Casual Chic.

I say all the above!

Also because I'm broke on a budget, my plan is to make the following:
* use thrifted jeans to make myself some BF jeans
* mini A-line skirts
* dolman sleeve dresses
* t-shirt dresses

This summer I want fashion to be an after thought yet effortless. I ascribe to the whole notion that style is eternal (YSL). As long as every piece I acquire/buy/make make me happy, I should be good to go. Plus, I'm habitually distracted and have been known to run late due to obsessing over what I should wear.

I'm going to be sassy off the jump so daily sassiness is automatic.

(hmmm...hopefully all that made sense...if

<3 Chloeeeee