Monday, February 1, 2010

My Style!!

Ahh Monday...

Snow is still on the ground and there was a chill in the air...
But I'm still sassy!!

Boho Student
*white knit beret
*long gray scarf that I crocheted a looong time ago
*black long sleeved T-shirt
*blue/black/white dress
*black cardigan
*black opaque tights
*gray over the knee socks
*black, heeled, knee high boots

I thought I would try my hand at exposed socks peeking over boots: I like it!!
I felt so adorable today!
I even got hit on at Safeway by some dude pushing carts hahahah anything to raise the ole self esteem

I mean don't you see why..?

Ok enough shameless self promotion.
Today was such a good day. It was insanely productive. Also, I've decided to become more "domestic"...whatever that means. Basically I'm starting to cook more. I made breakfast (Baked Oatmeal<--massively good btw!! Just add dried fruit!), dinner for me and the boy and lunch for myself for Tuesday and Thursday so I don't have to leave campus or spend money on anything larger than a coffee/soda. I'm brizzzoke and I gotta start saving money where ever I can. It's gettin' there :-)


The Style Rider said...

Lovely outfit! Goes very well together!

carlyjcais said...

The sweater, hat, & scarf are a super-cute combo...I can see why the shopping cart guy hit on you!:-)

(and your pooch in the snow in the post above is adorable!)