Friday, February 5, 2010

A Look At the Week(End)

Hello hello!!

Ok so I live in MD and currently it is SNOWWWINNNG!!!!

 It's really quite pretty outside, besides the whole "dangerous to drive" in thing. This snow storm is suppose to be pretty 20-30 inches serious. Not sure how to feel about that...

It's suppose to be so serious that EVERYTHING closed today around noon; schools, my work, government offices, tons of stuff. Closed. Many places already announced they were closed on Saturday too. I think it was a tad premature but I got off work so who am I to complain?

We'll see how this snow situation unfolds.

Since I'm suppose to be snowed in all weekend, all I'm gonna do is chill, catch up on my blogs, possibly get bored and play dress up and then do as much homework as I can muster out of myself. Also plan on documenting all the snow shenanigans that go on in my backyard. My Mugzy has a love affair with snow so this could end up being pretty hilarious...

Should be a pretty solid weekend.
What are your plans?


1 comment:

briannelee said...

Wow, 20-30 inches. That is crazy! I am actually really excited that this storm is not hitting Boston. I am ready for the winter to be over :)

Happy weekend!!!