Sunday, January 24, 2010

Umm...I can see your legs through your pants...

Ok my thifting has gotten out of control hahaha!

I found Gap jeans for $2!!!!
Whoo hoo!!!!!!

Long, lean, stretchy, lovely!!

And I reeeaaaally wanted a pair of "going out" jeans.

So I decided to DIY some.
Here is the before.

And during.

And the afterrrr!!!!

And of course how I would style it. I think a tiny, little top would look a little...floozi-fied...
But that's just me.

I think these jeans need a slouchy top.

But ahhhmazing shoe porn in the shape of 6 inch stilettos from The Russe. I bought them a while ago so I don't think they're in stores/online anymore.

But they're insane nonetheless.

How'd I make these jeans..??
Easy. Seriously.

Take jeans.
Cut slits into jeans where you see fit.
Wash said jeans and see the frayed goodness emerge.

These jeans were snug on me so I won't be drying them but if you do dry them, the fraying intensifies in the most wonderful way. If I lose a few lbs I might dry 'em...but I like where my booty's at so any weight lost will be accidental.

If my instructions aren't clear enough...lookit here. Or heeere.

Go forth and make sassy jeans!!!

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