Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ok so I was in a crap mood and I decided playing dress up was the perfect way to snap me out of a funk. It helped a bit.

So I bought a vest yesterday at Target from the men's department. It retailed for $25...I bought it for $7!!! WHOO HOO!!!! And I've been on the prowl for a vest, I just think they look so slick; t-shirt, button down, dress, all kinds of stuff. Just plain sassy.

Here's the vest:
Ok I have the vest...what do I do with it..????
(I'm not doing these outfits with any accessories this time, it's late at night and I'm too lazy to fuss with shenanigans hahahah)

Well...we can go preppy...
On the left
*skinny jeans
*boyfriend blazer
* white long sleeved shirt

On the right
*same skinny jeans
*white button down dress

Ooohh cute!!

Or we can try a cute daytime look...
On the left
*black knit mini dress
*black stiletto boots
*white knit slouchy hat

On the right
*long white tunic sweater
*black short sleeved V-neck t-shirt
*black leggings
*black slouchy stacked heel boots

Liking it, liking it.

Wait, I'm going out tonight, lets go for the hauteness!

*dark skinny jeans
*sexy shoe porn
*pink bra

Good stuff!!!

Ok I'm *SO* pumped that I found this vest!
Gotta love the mens department.

Not sure if I feel like wearing the vest tomorrow, my car's going into the shop tomorrow (dag-on transmission...) and I might just chill at the house all day so sweats will be the uniform. We shall see...


Erika said...

I am especially loving the cute daytime look! Target men's department here I come!! :)

diamondsinchampagne said...

Ohhh love this post. Wow it really is so versatile, you look gorgeous!