Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Damn you MTV!!!!

So I got hooked on Jersey Shore...
I'm really not proud of that fact.
But I can't help it.

The word is that Snooki (quite frankly my favorite to watch) *might* get her own reality show. Not sure how I feel about that...Ok ok ok...I admit it, I'll watch it religiously because she's insane to watch. Rumor has it that in February, she's suppose to make an appearance at a bar in the city near my house...who's gonna go and attempt to meet her..?

*sad face*

I'm so depressed that Jersey Shore has stolen my heart hahaha!!!


And just for fun...if I was a Guidette, I clearly would rock my hair like this.

Dang it!!!
I'm actually glad my semester starts in 2 days so I can go back to ignoring popular culture and focus on Sociology, Investigation Discovery and adultswim. That's when my life can make sense again.

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