Monday, January 11, 2010

Atlantic City 2010!

So I went to AC, NJ with The Boy this past weekend. Quite an interesting weekend. Spent the majority of the weekend people watching and dancing. Quite humorous.
From our ride up.

Me looking sassy at the Pier mall at dusk.

Me and DMc went to the Pier Mall and we saw this at the Water Show they have every hour, on the hour. This time there was a backup dancer. We both died. Absolutely hilarious.
Evidence below.

Overall an interesting weekend. We befriended a bouncer on Friday night so then Saturday night when they charged people, he recognized us and let us in for freeeee. Gotta love being friendly!
I'm thinking about possibly putting together some DIYs of stuff that I make. Maybe. I'll definitely post stuff that I make. We'll see how things go.

My going out outfit and an attempt at model posing (hahaha) from Friday night.

*lace footless tights
*long black sweater tunic worn as dress
*black over the knee boots
*silver flower
*thick black belt from another sweater dress
*Attitude :-D

Me playing dress're never too old.

Have a great week!!

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