Sunday, January 24, 2010

$5?!!?? Yeah we can do this...

Hi all!

Ok so I've been to the thrift store a ridiculous amount of times this happens!

I have a lovely little puppy (Mugzy...she has an amazing underbite hence the name Mugzy hahah) and she is my heart.

I made her a little area so she can get her beauty sleep.
It was an old comforter that I cut up and some old pillows. She's little so it fit her perfectly (and the other dog, Magic, likes to monopolize her bed...he's big, that's not fair).

Buttttt...I was watching ThreadBanger and found this suitcase.
for $5!!!
It's like-new condition. Completely wonderful. And massive. That's a 12-pack of sooooda in there for scale.
Sooo....I ended up with this!

My Mugz looooves it! And I think it looks so classy and wonderful.

Happiness is...
a $5 suitcase hahahah!

What do you think about my luurverly pet bed?


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