Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Style!!

Today was butt-cold.

See. FEELS like 19.
It did.

Rather painful.
So I dressed accordingly.

Snow Bunny!!

*long white cardigan
*black leggings
*Fuzzy boots by Sporto
*layered black and white long sleeved t-shirts
*fuzzy bomber hat
*striped mittens
*pink pashima

So warm!
When we went outside, I was rocking my black peacoat.

The Boy took me to a late lunch at On The Border. Delish! I was so stuffed that I had to roll myself back to the car. Such a good feeling hahaha!


Lazy Sunday

Well it snowed allllll day yesterday.
Weather-people said "a light dusting" and "maybe an inch"...

My butt.

This doesn't look like a light dusting to me...

It's been so cold the last few days, me and my Mugzy have just been chillin' around the house.

This is what we do hahahah
But if Mugz isn't being lazy inside, she's running around enjoying the snow.
Too cute.

Oh and on another note, I was blindly meandering the ole inter-web and I stumbled across this story.
I've never been in that situation and I'm not entirely sure how true it is...but it's massively hilarious either way.

Enjoy the last bits of your weekend!! 
Start the countdown for Friday!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh Kanye...keep the crazy to yourself

So Kanye and his gal-pal left the house like this.

One question...


I'm all about being fashion-forward and a trendsetter and an individual...but there is a limit.
I think the limit is around Amber Rose's bikini line.

To be fair, I'm okay with Kanye's ensem. I think the shoes scream "my toes are fancy" and I think it's perfect for fashion week. And Amber Rose's booties are adorable...but her fashion sense is distracting. I think partially exposed nipples are a bit much...unless they're decorated tastefully.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Style!

Another daily outfit. I ended up going and grabbing lunch with my friend since this is my last day of vacation until my semester starts...yay...

Simple and Chic

* wide leg jeans
* black turtleneck sweater
* pink and brown flats
* big ridiculous sunnies
* Nine West handbag
* amazing pink skinny pashima from Five Below

Super comfy. I felt quite glamorous, didn't even put make up on.

Then I had fun camouflaging how terrible I look messin' with effects...I do what I want :-D

Oh and yesterday I got my package from Go Jane, 3 pair of amazing heels for $36, including shipping.
Fist pumps!
I'll post them sooooon :-D

Damn you MTV!!!!

So I got hooked on Jersey Shore...
I'm really not proud of that fact.
But I can't help it.

The word is that Snooki (quite frankly my favorite to watch) *might* get her own reality show. Not sure how I feel about that...Ok ok ok...I admit it, I'll watch it religiously because she's insane to watch. Rumor has it that in February, she's suppose to make an appearance at a bar in the city near my house...who's gonna go and attempt to meet her..?

*sad face*

I'm so depressed that Jersey Shore has stolen my heart hahaha!!!


And just for fun...if I was a Guidette, I clearly would rock my hair like this.

Dang it!!!
I'm actually glad my semester starts in 2 days so I can go back to ignoring popular culture and focus on Sociology, Investigation Discovery and adultswim. That's when my life can make sense again.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Umm...I can see your legs through your pants...

Ok my thifting has gotten out of control hahaha!

I found Gap jeans for $2!!!!
Whoo hoo!!!!!!

Long, lean, stretchy, lovely!!

And I reeeaaaally wanted a pair of "going out" jeans.

So I decided to DIY some.
Here is the before.

And during.

And the afterrrr!!!!

And of course how I would style it. I think a tiny, little top would look a little...floozi-fied...
But that's just me.

I think these jeans need a slouchy top.

But ahhhmazing shoe porn in the shape of 6 inch stilettos from The Russe. I bought them a while ago so I don't think they're in stores/online anymore.

But they're insane nonetheless.

How'd I make these jeans..??
Easy. Seriously.

Take jeans.
Cut slits into jeans where you see fit.
Wash said jeans and see the frayed goodness emerge.

These jeans were snug on me so I won't be drying them but if you do dry them, the fraying intensifies in the most wonderful way. If I lose a few lbs I might dry 'em...but I like where my booty's at so any weight lost will be accidental.

If my instructions aren't clear enough...lookit here. Or heeere.

Go forth and make sassy jeans!!!

$5?!!?? Yeah we can do this...

Hi all!

Ok so I've been to the thrift store a ridiculous amount of times this happens!

I have a lovely little puppy (Mugzy...she has an amazing underbite hence the name Mugzy hahah) and she is my heart.

I made her a little area so she can get her beauty sleep.
It was an old comforter that I cut up and some old pillows. She's little so it fit her perfectly (and the other dog, Magic, likes to monopolize her bed...he's big, that's not fair).

Buttttt...I was watching ThreadBanger and found this suitcase.
for $5!!!
It's like-new condition. Completely wonderful. And massive. That's a 12-pack of sooooda in there for scale.
Sooo....I ended up with this!

My Mugz looooves it! And I think it looks so classy and wonderful.

Happiness is...
a $5 suitcase hahahah!

What do you think about my luurverly pet bed?


Thursday, January 21, 2010

I no longer feel bad, and neither should you!!!

*DISCLAIMER: This is just my opinion, I find all people beautiful. Truly I do. The human body is a work of art. If I say something you don't like, apologies. I don't mean to offend or anger, I'm just typing.*

I can't watch the Victoria Secret fashion shows. I love the looks and all but the models enrage me. How can someone wear so little and look so perfect..? Airbrushing on TV..? What about the people in the audience..? Full body suit their exact skin color..? I never understood how they did it.

If it takes 5 *professional* people 3 to 5 hours to make an already skinny minnie look the way she does...I have an excuse hahahah!!!

It's just me and I think I do a pretty decent job.
Not VS perfection but local mall passable.
And I'm not even a mom.

Moms out there...PROPS.

You look great today by the way!

My Style!

Hi all!
OK quick fashiony update!

What I have I been wearing the past few days..?
Lets see!!

Wednesday the 20th
Parisian Chic
*black leggings (Target)
*pink and brown flats (Target)
*white knit slouchy hat (Payless...I know right??)
*pink long sleeved t-shirt (Old Navy)
*black knit cardigan (umm...Target or Walmart...I forget)
*pink pashima (gift)
*cutest handbag ever (Ross!!
Yeah most inexpensive outfit EVER

Thursday the 21st
Boho Babe
*Brown Dolce and Gabbana sweater (gift)
*black long sleeved t-shirt (Target)
*deep red fleece vest (DIY!!!)
*skinny jeans (thrifted a loooong time ago)
*cheetah print peep toe heels (Target)

another thrifty outfit (har har)

I don't endorse Target or anything, I just buy my life there apparently.

Oh and those shoes (got them eons ago) are AWEESOOOME.

I also went thrifting on Wednesday. Best decision ever. Got Gap jeans, a new suitcase and a pretty vase for

*drum roll please*


and that includes tax.

I'm DIYing the crap out of the jeans and when I finish them, I shall post them.

If you want detail shots in the future, tell me. I'll listen :-)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ELLE what are you thinking..???

Apparently the new garment you *HAVE* to run out and buy is the topless bikini.


Read the comments, only way this thing makes sense.

And I don't plan on growing my hair long enough for this too work. By the time I did, I would be YEARS behind the trend. But I wish they told me earlier, otherwise I would be totally on trend this spring/summer.

Ahh well...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Martha goes from the big house to the pole..?


and I happen to like pole dancing as a method to stay in shape...possibly have to rethink that...

Screened and Tested for Accuracy and Ability..?

I'm on winter break for a few more days and I've been watching a lot of TV (not proud of it, but it just happens) and I've seen this commercial a bunch of times.

I had no idea there was a way to screen and test psychics for accuracy hahahah!

Not knocking the "profession" of psychic-try, but come oooon.
Ahhh well...

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ok so I was in a crap mood and I decided playing dress up was the perfect way to snap me out of a funk. It helped a bit.

So I bought a vest yesterday at Target from the men's department. It retailed for $25...I bought it for $7!!! WHOO HOO!!!! And I've been on the prowl for a vest, I just think they look so slick; t-shirt, button down, dress, all kinds of stuff. Just plain sassy.

Here's the vest:
Ok I have the vest...what do I do with it..????
(I'm not doing these outfits with any accessories this time, it's late at night and I'm too lazy to fuss with shenanigans hahahah)

Well...we can go preppy...
On the left
*skinny jeans
*boyfriend blazer
* white long sleeved shirt

On the right
*same skinny jeans
*white button down dress

Ooohh cute!!

Or we can try a cute daytime look...
On the left
*black knit mini dress
*black stiletto boots
*white knit slouchy hat

On the right
*long white tunic sweater
*black short sleeved V-neck t-shirt
*black leggings
*black slouchy stacked heel boots

Liking it, liking it.

Wait, I'm going out tonight, lets go for the hauteness!

*dark skinny jeans
*sexy shoe porn
*pink bra

Good stuff!!!

Ok I'm *SO* pumped that I found this vest!
Gotta love the mens department.

Not sure if I feel like wearing the vest tomorrow, my car's going into the shop tomorrow (dag-on transmission...) and I might just chill at the house all day so sweats will be the uniform. We shall see...

Lazy Sunday

So what am I doing this Sunday...besides fighting bloat (sad face), I'm watching a marathon of "Jersey Shore".

*hangs head in shame*

But it's the perfect thing to watch on a rainy day that you need to do laundry and clean up your room for the week coming up.

Hopefully this video redeems me :-D

Thinking about stuff today, I gotta start making some changes.

*start cooking more
*start playing dress up more and incorporate that every day
*do my dang-on laundry instead of letting it pile up
*spend more time with my puppy-girl Mugzy!

No daily outfit today, probably not getting out of sweats hahah
Tomorrow should be a better bet.

"I'm gonna go to the club and look for juiceheads"

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Look at the Week(end)

This week has been hectic for me. I teach Zumba ( I don't think I've said that on here) and I took and taught a ridiculous amount of classes this week. Body is soooore. But a good sore :-D.
I look fly...

*light blue tank top that I've had FOREVER
*loud red sports bra
*leg warmer turned armwarmer
*gray athletic pants by East West
*pink sweatband around my calf to accentuate how scrawny it is
*and to top it off (literally), footless tights from the little girls section that I DIYed and made into a half shirt

I have a thing about getting dressed up for everything. Makes me feel better.

And in other news...
Teddy Pendergrass passed away on Wednesday :-(
He had some AHHHmazing music!
If you didn't know, I fully suggest you check him out.


Also, trying to keep up with the news in's hard to though. Tragedies of this magnitude are always hard.

On a lighter note, I've been saw the shoe porn. Those things only cost me $16 with tax. EPIC. I bought a ton of stuff that I'll be messing with over the next few days. I have a sewing machine and I know how to use it!!

I'll post my creations as I complete them. Hopefully a few later today...if I'm not lazy...which would be nice...really nice...but we'll see.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Room Update

Yeah it still sucks in there. Sadness. I really tried to get it together before the New Year. Fail. Epic fail.

New Goal: January 27th
(that's when my semester starts)

Si se puede!!!
(Yes I can!!)

Ahhh Shoes....

Sooo I went to the mall and just wandered for a while. I rarely do this, but this was one of those off days so I totally took the opportunity.

I have a minor love affair with shoes and I found these GOOOOORGEOUS shoes at Bakers. On massive sale. Like "they were $15 sale". $15 shoes at Bakers...? Yeah those are mine.

Suffice to say...I bought them :-D

Happiness is...

Shoe porn.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Atlantic City 2010!

So I went to AC, NJ with The Boy this past weekend. Quite an interesting weekend. Spent the majority of the weekend people watching and dancing. Quite humorous.
From our ride up.

Me looking sassy at the Pier mall at dusk.

Me and DMc went to the Pier Mall and we saw this at the Water Show they have every hour, on the hour. This time there was a backup dancer. We both died. Absolutely hilarious.
Evidence below.

Overall an interesting weekend. We befriended a bouncer on Friday night so then Saturday night when they charged people, he recognized us and let us in for freeeee. Gotta love being friendly!
I'm thinking about possibly putting together some DIYs of stuff that I make. Maybe. I'll definitely post stuff that I make. We'll see how things go.

My going out outfit and an attempt at model posing (hahaha) from Friday night.

*lace footless tights
*long black sweater tunic worn as dress
*black over the knee boots
*silver flower
*thick black belt from another sweater dress
*Attitude :-D

Me playing dress're never too old.

Have a great week!!