Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's Almost my birthday!

Happy Holidays!
I hope Santa gave you what you wanted ;-)

My big gift was a camera...of which I've exclusively taken pictures of my dog with. Ridiculous.

Kinda sad is it not?
Ahh well.

But, with my new camera, I'll be able to post Daily Outfits, that's gonna rock.
Ok I admit, I also took pictures of my disgusting room.

Foul. I know I know. I'm working on it. The SweatShop is even worse. Not even gonna post that.

I'll post when my room is decent again. Soon. Quite soon.
I'm just glad I have a full month before classes start so I have a chance to get everything situated. Legitski.

Tomorrow's gonna be a big day; babysitting, cleaning, running around in general.

Fun stuff

(it's on Wednesday btw...)

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