Sunday, May 23, 2010

*sniff sniff*

Allergy season yet's like my face hates me...

Anywhoo...I'm finally done for the semester (WAHHH-HOOO!!!!) so it's now time to start thinking about what fashion decisions I'm making for SUMMER 2010...

* Pucci
* Halston
* Haute Hippie
just to name a few...

ShopBop makes fashion-ising much easier. I'm kinda lazy about it; for someone that proclaims they're this much into fashion...EPIC FAIL.


Oh well...

According to the Bop...I'm somewhere between Downtown and Casual Chic.

I say all the above!

Also because I'm broke on a budget, my plan is to make the following:
* use thrifted jeans to make myself some BF jeans
* mini A-line skirts
* dolman sleeve dresses
* t-shirt dresses

This summer I want fashion to be an after thought yet effortless. I ascribe to the whole notion that style is eternal (YSL). As long as every piece I acquire/buy/make make me happy, I should be good to go. Plus, I'm habitually distracted and have been known to run late due to obsessing over what I should wear.

I'm going to be sassy off the jump so daily sassiness is automatic.

(hmmm...hopefully all that made sense...if

<3 Chloeeeee

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shoes...Oh My Gad! Shoes!

OMG Shoes!

But then I saw these...

("these shoes suck!"- Kelly)

I understand trying to get on the bandwagon but COOOME OONNN!!!!!
Makes it even worse when other places (who shall not be named) endorse them...

Good try Nike...try harder next time.
Don't just do it...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's finally starting to warm up...

I was on hiatus...but I'm back!

Soooo I realized that I'm OBSESSED with Halston...
Halston makes my life. I made a long black dress in homage, I gotta take pictures of it, it's suppose to be in the 70s for the rest of the week so I'll get out there and picture it up in the lovely sunshine!


Spring 2009

Spring 2010

Which Halston wonderfulness is your favorite?


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Face!!!

This makes me very happy.

That is all.


Hippie Chic!

So I lost my cam.
Oh well...on with the show...

I have just realized I have a love affair with Haute Hippie.

Really super intense, fast burning love affair.


And I already know that as soon as I'm able to get out of the house...I'm TOTALLY gonna DIY these puppies...
(I'm also probably gonna DIY some of the other pieces too, I'm soo BROKE!)

Sooo excited!!

Once this dag-on snow leaves us be!!

Thoughts on Haute Hippie..?


Friday, February 5, 2010

A Look At the Week(End)

Hello hello!!

Ok so I live in MD and currently it is SNOWWWINNNG!!!!

 It's really quite pretty outside, besides the whole "dangerous to drive" in thing. This snow storm is suppose to be pretty 20-30 inches serious. Not sure how to feel about that...

It's suppose to be so serious that EVERYTHING closed today around noon; schools, my work, government offices, tons of stuff. Closed. Many places already announced they were closed on Saturday too. I think it was a tad premature but I got off work so who am I to complain?

We'll see how this snow situation unfolds.

Since I'm suppose to be snowed in all weekend, all I'm gonna do is chill, catch up on my blogs, possibly get bored and play dress up and then do as much homework as I can muster out of myself. Also plan on documenting all the snow shenanigans that go on in my backyard. My Mugzy has a love affair with snow so this could end up being pretty hilarious...

Should be a pretty solid weekend.
What are your plans?


Monday, February 1, 2010

My Style!!

Ahh Monday...

Snow is still on the ground and there was a chill in the air...
But I'm still sassy!!

Boho Student
*white knit beret
*long gray scarf that I crocheted a looong time ago
*black long sleeved T-shirt
*blue/black/white dress
*black cardigan
*black opaque tights
*gray over the knee socks
*black, heeled, knee high boots

I thought I would try my hand at exposed socks peeking over boots: I like it!!
I felt so adorable today!
I even got hit on at Safeway by some dude pushing carts hahahah anything to raise the ole self esteem

I mean don't you see why..?

Ok enough shameless self promotion.
Today was such a good day. It was insanely productive. Also, I've decided to become more "domestic"...whatever that means. Basically I'm starting to cook more. I made breakfast (Baked Oatmeal<--massively good btw!! Just add dried fruit!), dinner for me and the boy and lunch for myself for Tuesday and Thursday so I don't have to leave campus or spend money on anything larger than a coffee/soda. I'm brizzzoke and I gotta start saving money where ever I can. It's gettin' there :-)